Water Polo Arena

The Water Polo Arena will host both the men’s and women’s Water Polo competitions during the Olympic Games. Structurally and aesthetically this is a stunning arena, our challenge was to apply our design principles as an extension of the architecture.

Our solution was inspired by the form and materials used in the building and the architectural concept of ‘wrapping‘ the facade. Our design intent was to add a little as possible in the way structure, but instead utilise the given elements. The large entrance signage reflects the boldness of the blue stair wrap, whilst complimenting the angles created by the raw framework.

The venue needed minimal signage due the simplistic nature of the seating layout. To communicate the more complex location of the disabled and baby change facilities we adapted the columns to enabled 4 sided communication, this allowed for a large volume of directional information to be collected together, reducing the need for more signage.

Each sign type is carefully designed and considered, the outcome is signage that appears totally at one with the built structure.