During the London 2012 Games ExCeL London will be transformed into 5 separate temporary arenas hosting 7 Olympic sports, followed by 6 Paralympic sports two weeks later. ExCeL London obviously has a great experience hosting major events and meets the criteria for hosting Olympic and Paralympic competition.

The ExCeL venue will embrace the temporary, whilst fully integrating the ‘Look and Feel’ of the Games, in a close collaboration between the venue designers and the branding and marketing team. The design team has established a clear intent to integrate the graphic elements within the architecture of the venue to maintain a balanced ‘look’.

Given the large scale of the venue and the number of events taking place, it will offer more than a singular viewpoint or experience. As such it should be considered not only as object to be viewed from outside per-se, but as a place offering a series of memorable experiences for athletes, Olympic Family, media and spectators alike.