Riverbank Arena

The Riverbank Arena is one of the seven key Olympic and Paralympic Venues located within the Olympic Park. It occupies a very prominent location in the Park, in northwest corner alongside the River Lea. This venue will host all of the Olympic Hockey competitions as well as all Paralympic Football matches.

During the Olympics the Riverbank Arena will be active for fourteen days; more than any other venue in the Park. During this time there will be three sessions a day, with two matches per session (except for finals) for a total of 76 matches. During Paralympics, Football five-a-side and Football seven-a-side matches will be held on alternating days for a total of ten days.

The venue will provide a great atmosphere for the world’s best athletes to compete in front of enthusiastic spectators as well as to a worldwide television audience. Great effort has been made for the design of the venue to rise to this momentous occasion, which is immediately evident from the bold colour scheme chosen for the pitch. For the first time in the Olympics, Hockey will have a blue pitch. This will not only help redefine the image of the sport but also provide a very fresh look for this venue. Even bolder perhaps will be the surrounding runoff areas rendered in London 2012 pink. This very striking colour will provide a contrasting highlight consistent with the Games-wide ‘Look’ strategy. Great attention has been paid to make this colour combination vibrant but not glaring; fun but sophisticated.

The venue will complement the surrounding Park venues, while also being a prominent member of other temporary venues within the Park, London, and throughout the UK. Following an Olympics-wide strategy, the arena embraces the temporary whilst fully integrating the ‘Look and Feel’ of the Games. This has been achieved through a close collaboration between the venue designers and the branding and marketing team. From the start, the design team has established a clear intent to integrate the graphic elements within the architecture of the venue.

The Riverbank Arena is a temporary venue, with the legacy Hockey venue located just to the north of the VeloPark at Eton Manor. In legacy, the site will become a key part of the future Elizabeth Park.