Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lord’s Cricket Ground is situated in the northwest of London within the Westminster borough. It will host the Olympic Archery competition for a total of eight days, with a Familiarisation Day held the day immediately before competition. The event will be held on the venue’s Nursery Ground for the preliminary round on day one of competition and Lord’s Cricket Field will host the finals from days two through to eight. Medal Finals will occur on days two, three, seven and eight. Lord’s Cricket Ground will not host a Paralympic Games event.

The venue, a world class environment where archery’s elite will compete in front of a global audience, will consist of temporary overlay within the existing grounds, utilising available structures and infrastructure in order to promote the surroundings whilst minimising its cost and environmental impact. The ground’s unique and celebrated identity will elevate archery to the world’s attention whilst aesthetically retaining its connection to all other Olympic venues. This will be achieved through the choice of materials, colours, and cladding elements; utmost care will be taken to sensitively insert the overlay into this venue to retain this delicate balance.

The orientation of the Field of Play particularly observes the history of the venue. The archer is supported by the backdrop of a historical Pavilion, yet faces and shoots towards the modern, inspirational and forward- thinking Media Centre. The archer shoots over but does not touch the cricket wicket, and through this action acknowledges the significance of the sacred square and cricket’s presence in this Olympic venue.