Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park will host the Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian events, as well as two of the five Olympic Modern Pentathlon events. It will be in use for the full two weeks of the Olympics and the first four days of the Paralympics.

The facilities and works required to host the event are temporary in nature and all will be removed after the event. Some facilities will be based within existing buildings which will then return to their former uses. The brief requires a temporary arena accommodating up to 23,000 spectators to host most of the competition.

For the Cross Country element of the Equestrian event, a temporary course of approximately 6km will be laid out through the park. A run course of 1km in length will run through part of the park and the arena as part of the Modern Pentathlon Run/Shoot event.
The Equestrian events are broken down into Dressage, Eventing, Jumping and Paralympic Dressage Competitions. The Modern Pentathlon event involves five different disciplines: Fencing, Swimming, Riding, and a combined Run/Shoot event in a single day. Both the Riding and the combined Run/Shoot stages will be held at Greenwich Park.

The main arena is located immediately to the south of the Queen’s House, centred on the Grand Axis which runs through the park and the buildings of the Old Royal Naval College (ORNC) and National Maritime Museum (NMM). In its scale and arrangement the arena has been designed to sit comfortably within this broader architectural and landscape composition.

The Field of Play is bordered on three sides by stands, the north side being left open to allow the Queens’ House to provide the setting. The south stand is designed to be low enough to allow a clear view between the balcony of the Queen’s House and the statue of General Wolfe at the top of the hill to the south, a key landmark. The view from the Wolfe Statue looking north toward the Arena, Queen’s House and ORNC is one of several protected views across the site. Consequently the appearance of the south facade of the arena will require careful design.