O2 Brand Activation

Brand activation relates to building a brand experience and powerfully delivering to both internal and external audiences.  By understanding the brand’s value, we provide the most relevant integrated brand experience tailored to any given building or public space.

One of the most challenging aspects of the design process with any naming rights program is the integration of the sponsors brand identity in the fabric of the building. This is not just the case of applying an existing documented brand guideline, but the development and extension of their identity into a form not previously developed.

As the requirements of naming rights sponsor O2 became apparent we realised they wanted to express their brand values within the arena and to avoid looking like they had just added their logo to a generic sign or space. It was this direction that led us to developing the ‘DNA’ solution. Our design and overriding concept, took the view that the identity of O2 flowed through the building, like blood through a human body. So wherever a sign touches the surface of the building the O2 ‘DNA’ flows out into that sign. This analogy was achieved by using several types of acrylic and resin based materials that where illuminated to with a combination of LED and fluorescent lights which were consistent with the O2 brand language.