BMX Venue

The BMX venue has been designed in conjunction with the International Federation for Cycling, Union Cycliste International, and British Cycling. The temporary seating will accommodate 6,000 seats (gross) during the 2012 Olympic Games.

The BMX Racing event will be held on Day 12 (Wednesday 8th August) and Day 13 (Thursday 9th August) of the Olympic Games. After the London 2012 Olympic Games the seating around the BMX track will be removed and a Road Cycle circuit and Mountain Bike course will be added in the immediate vicinity of the Velodrome and BMX track, creating a Velopark for elite athletes, local clubs and community use.

The BMX venue is positioned to the north-east of the Velodrome, with temporary seating either side (north and south) of the track. A ramp allows spectator access to the concourse level, and entry to the seating bowl. The Olympic Family and athletes access their accredited seating from the ground level back of house area behind the north stand. A canopy covers the accredited seating to the north-east and south-east of the stands.